Meet Bob

Choose me as your mortgage lender, and you’ll put to work a broad background in finance and mortgage – which gives me great insights that help you make decisions with comfort and confidence.

How I Work

Whatever goal you’re aiming for – a specific closing date, a cash out amount that helps you financially, or other factors you’re considering – I’ll work whenever you need me to help you reach that goal. My clients find me accessible and helpful. I’ll take the time needed to make sure everything goes smoothly for you throughout the mortgage process.

This was my first home purchase experience, and I began with a plethora of questions, embarrassment at my lack of knowledge, and feelings of bewilderment. All my insecurities melted away as you accommodated me with complete diplomacy and assured me you were there to guide me. Your quick responses enabled me to relax, and your explanations on the paperwork made it less daunting. I am so grateful that I was paired with you.

Expertise & Specialties

  • Financing
  • Refinancing
  • First-time homebuyer assistance
  • FNMA/Freddie Mac programs